San Antonio, Texas Chapter

Benefits of joining HAPCOA: 

Through HAPCOA, chiefs of police, sheriffs and police superintendents from around the country are committed to meeting the challenges of selection, promotion and retention of Hispanic American men and women in professional law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The courageous men and women of HAPCOA also work diligently to address the concerns of their respective communities and improve community relations through the implementation of innovative, state-of-the art training and educational programs.

HAPCOA members have attained a high level of success within their respective law enforcement agencies, offices and departments through their professional dedication and personal commitment. As they continue to make significant contributions to law enforcement, these exemplary officers serve as positive professional role models for aspiring young law enforcement officers.

Membership in HAPCOA offers professional development opportunities to its members through an annual national training conference. Each year, at the conference, HAPCOA recognizes the extraordinary contributions of individuals and organizations through its Aguila Awards program. In addition, membership in HAPCOA offers an information-sharing and support network for all Hispanics in law enforcement. Members may participate in the events and activities of any  local chapters across the country and also have access to HAPCOA's National newsletter. HAPCOA also offers education and training in the Hispanic community both at the local chapter, as well as at the national levels.


HAPCOA seeks to achieve national recognition as the most effective non-proft membership organization of command officers and others, committed to the career advancement of qualified men and women in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice, as well as to the public safety of the communities in which they protect and serve.


​​HAPCOA's mission is to "empower the future of law enforcement" by assisting law enforcement, criminal justice and community organizations nationwide in their efforts to recruit, train and promote qualified Hispanic American men and women.
To promote and develop Hispanics in law enforcement and to serve as an advocate for Hispanic law enforcement issues.


Commitment to the development of relationships, strategies, information, and training serve to empower the future of law enforcement.

Professionalism through striving to adhere to the highest standards of professional performance promotes professional leadership, improves social confidence and fosters equitable workplace relations.

Cooperation by HAPCOA membership with community organizations, police agencies, criminal justice and other government officials improves opportunities for solving problems and addressing issues specific to Hispanic American police officers.

Service to its membership and the community of the highest quality is a priority for success.


​​Fulfill the growing need of law enforcement and affiliate agencies for qualified Hispanic American officers at all levels and ranks.

To offer training and educational programs designed to increase recruitment and selection of qualified Hispanic Americans into law enforcement careers, as well as improve opportunities for advancement of Hispanic officers and association members.
To mentor young officers already in law enforcement service by offering professional guidance and direction to those demonstrating a high interest in career development and preparation for promotion.
To promote development of positive workplace initiatives and relationships within law enforcement agencies to attract and retain qualified Hispanic law enforcement officers.
To provide guidance and support to police agencies, community organizations and criminal justice professionals to facilitate their efforts to improve community relations through training and educational programs, as well as provide a forum in which all officers of all ranks can improve their career choices and opportunities within the law enforcement profession.

Provide national leadership and focus on critical issues of importance to Hispanic American law enforcement officers.

To be the national spokesman for Hispanic American police command officers in matters of common interest.
To form positive, collaborative partnerships with other law enforcement associations, schools, corporations and community groups having a common interest in working for the betterment of the community.
To evaluate and make recommendations on pertinent public policy impacting Hispanic American law enforcement professionals.

Increase community involvement, understanding and support through development of positive partnership opportunities and outreach efforts.

To develop partnerships with other law enforcement associations, corporations and community groups, as well as collaborates with other non-profit organizations that share a common interest in working for the betterment of the community.