Regular (Voting) $100/yr

Membership in HAPCOA under the regular membership category consists of two types:

Full-time certified peace officers of a municipal, county, state or federal agency; certified peace officer of a university or other private police organization or peace officer of a political sub-division of a state who hold the rank of command or supervisory Sergeant, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Agent, Inspector whose Association membership has been approved, who remain in good standing having paid the necessary Association dues and fees, are deemed regular members of the Association and are thereby entitled to all rights and privileges of membership.
Upon the regular payment of dues, an active member of the Association in good standing at the time of his/her retirement from a law enforcement or peace officer position may continue their membership with the Association. For the purpose of this Section, retirement shall mean the voluntary and honorable separation from a law enforcement or peace officer position.

* Also includes national security agencies such as, FBI, DEA, CIA, INS and others.​

Please SUBMIT application,  print out this page, and mail it to:

HAPCOA San Antonio Chapter 
c/o Teresa Ramon, Treasurer

P.O. Box 831544 • San Antonio, Texas 78283-1544

Make all checks or money orders payable to: HAPCOA San Antonio Chapter

​HAPCOA-SAN Antonio MEmberShip application

Associate (Non-Voting) $75/yr

Individuals who do not met the criteria for Regular membership in rank (below Sergeant serving in all levels of law enforcement and criminal justice system agencies) but who are interested in furthering the goals of HAPCOA.

Supporting (Non-Voting) $55/yr

Individuals involved in supporting fields of law enforcement and criminal justice such as criminal justice educators, highway safety specialists, security officers, other public and private sector employees, and representatives of community-based organizations interested in furthering the goals of HAPCOA.

Student (Non-Voting) $25/yr

Individuals enrolled in accredited academic training programs in law enforcement and related areas.

Lifetime (Voting) $1500/yr

Individuals who qualify as Regular members who are looking to make a lifetime commitment to supporting the work of HAPCOA through a one-time contribution for a lifetime membership.

Organizational/Corporate (Non-Voting) $2500/yr

Organizations/corporations interested in furthering the goals of the organization through financial and collaborative support.

* Group benefits are extended to registering police departments interested in participating in the annual conference and exhibitor activities.

Membership Categories:

San Antonio, Texas Chapter

NOTE: The information provided below shall be treated as confidential.